Residential and Commercial Property Law Experts

  • Sale and Purchase of Homes, sections, apartments, lifestyle blocks and orchards.
  • Mortgages and Refinancing
  • Sale and Purchase of Businesses
  • Subdivisions

Our team are experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of property law and can guide you through this complex matter. Conveyancing transactions require attention to detail, and the skilled team at The Mount Lawyers ensure you understand your legal requirements. Whether you are purchasing your first home with a Kiwisaver subsidy, upgrading to a larger home for the family, refinancing, subdividing, building your dream home or holiday home or purchasing a business, The Mount Lawyers will provide expert and practical advice when purchasing your valued asset.

Commercial and Industrial


Commercial law governs the broad areas of business, commerce, and consumer transactions. As a business owner, there are certain laws and regulations that you need to be aware of. We advise both lessors and lessees and can assist will all aspects of your lease, including rent reviews, renewals, assignments and variations, before you sign.

Building Contracts

Our job is to help you understand your contract and ensure it best suits you. Our experience enables us to tell you what you should expect, what might go wrong and how to best achieve your building goals.


Whether you have a large scale commercial venture, rural subdivision or simply wish to obtain two small sections instead of one large section, we will work with you to achieve the best result.

Estate Planning and Administration


Your Will contains instructions about what you want to be done with your property and possessions when you die. Because of the importance of your Will, the law says it must be made in a certain way. Our legal team can suggest how you can best express your wishes so it has the effect you intend. Your Will should be updated with each life event, e.g. marriage, children, separation. Avoid your Will be coming out of date, contact us today, make a current Will and have peace of mind.

Powers of Attorney

There are two main types of powers of attorney. A general power of attorney and an enduring power of attorney. A general power of attorney appoints someone to help look after your affairs while you are overseas. If you want someone to be able to act for you when you can no longer manage your own affairs, then, while you are still capable, you need to arrange an enduring power of attorney.

Estate Administration

The administration of an estate is an important responsibility and must be carried out with great care. Our experienced estates executive will be able to help in these matters. Distributing the assets of the estate according to the terms of the will with sensitivity and offering wise counsel on any claims against the estate.


Trusts are an increasing and popular way of protecting property and managing your assets. A Trust is a legal entity and requires careful consideration. The team at The Mount Lawyers will help you determine whether a trust is suitable to meet your objectives.